Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Two fishing tales from Provincetown

I know that this is Carnival week down in Provincetown, but Cape Women know that there's more to P-town than parties and drag queens (although they're fun, too.)

Like many Cape Cod towns, Provincetown is a fishing village. Over the years, it has also become an important art colony, and a haven for writers and playwrights of all persuasions.

But it's roots are in the ocean.

In the Summer issue of CWO, we feature two book reviews of new books about Ptown's fishing history, reviewed by Yvonne deSousa.

Seraphine, by Julianne Papetsas, is a fictional story of a Portuguese fisherman born on a crossing of the Atlantic, who lives by, works on, and raises his family with the sea. The protagonist spends his entire life on the tiny spit of land that separates the harbor and Cape Cod Bay from the ocean.

Nautical Twilight, by J. J. Dutra, is the non-fiction story of her own fishing family.

Read the reviews here:

And remember that there's more to P-town than carnival parades and drag-queen karaoke. Although, we'll be looking for you along the parade route tomorrow afternoon ;-)

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