Monday, August 13, 2012

Have you read our Letter to the Editor?

With each issue, we receive more and more letters, Facebook posts and email, praising the magazine in general as well as individual writers and articles.

We post as many as will fit onto our LETTERS page.

Here's an example from the most recent issue:

Dear CWO,
It warms my heart to see your online success, for the last 5 years you are connecting women with ideas, information, articles and classes in the community. You are a strong part of creating community on the Cape.
I had written articles for your magazine when it was made of paper (can you imagine!) and now to be able to contribute an article online feels like such a beautiful technological leap! Thank you for all you do!!
oxo Diane Kovanda

Thank you, Diane! And if you feel the way she does, let us know. We'll publish your letter and a link to your website, too.

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