Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Department of Meditation: Do you meditate?

Have you checked out CapeWomenOnline's newest "advice" column?

It's titled "The Department of Meditation" and each issue brings words of wisdom on carving out time for yourself to stop and center yourself.

Columnist Constance Wilkinson, LMHC, MFA is a licensed psychotherapist who uses a mindfulness-based, solution-focused approach to help reduce symptoms of dysregulation, as well as to develop clients' personal goals and strategies to achieve them. She is trained in EMDR, clinical hypnosis, EFT, and expressive arts.

And she has a truly sardonic voice to her writing.

She's not preachy or over-the-top flowy in her language, but rather down-to-earth and practical. "You say you don't have time to meditate? Everyone has 5 minutes. Here's how to find it."

 If you haven't read it because you don't have time in your schedule to even think about meditation, think again. And check out her column.

Totally worth the 5 minutes.

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