Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Fall Classes offered by CWO!

Are you ready to walk into positive life changes this Fall?

Join us for a FREE Fall Classes & Events Presentation at Masjah Studio

181 Rte 137, East Harwich, MA
Saturday, September 8 from 2-5pm
Nicola Burnell, publisher of CapeWomenOnline magazine, will present her Fall Series of block-busting, life altering workshops and classes that are designed to help you discover your inspired, authentic Self.

This is an informal event where you will have the opportunity to discuss Nicola's dynamic programs and meet some of the students who have taken them. From artists, to writers, to women going through major life transitions, come and be inspired by their stories and how these programs have helped them move through their fears, into action and empowerment.

Info about the presentation can be found HERE.

For more information on what classes are being offered, check out the CWO classes pages of the magazine at

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Department of Meditation: Do you meditate?

Have you checked out CapeWomenOnline's newest "advice" column?

It's titled "The Department of Meditation" and each issue brings words of wisdom on carving out time for yourself to stop and center yourself.

Columnist Constance Wilkinson, LMHC, MFA is a licensed psychotherapist who uses a mindfulness-based, solution-focused approach to help reduce symptoms of dysregulation, as well as to develop clients' personal goals and strategies to achieve them. She is trained in EMDR, clinical hypnosis, EFT, and expressive arts.

And she has a truly sardonic voice to her writing.

She's not preachy or over-the-top flowy in her language, but rather down-to-earth and practical. "You say you don't have time to meditate? Everyone has 5 minutes. Here's how to find it."

 If you haven't read it because you don't have time in your schedule to even think about meditation, think again. And check out her column.

Totally worth the 5 minutes.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Finding Wisdom in Unexpected Places

Sometimes you find a quote that speaks to you, and you say, "That's it! That's just how I feel and that's exactly how I would say it, too!" 

I came across this great post over the weekend over at the BOOK RIOT blog, entitled:

It was a brilliant piece of writing and, umm, diligent research, and reminded me of why I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes so so much... it also reminded me that I can go back and read them over and over, and keep finding new pearls of wisdom.

I'd forgotten this classic bit of dialogue:
Calvin: They say the world is a stage. But obviously the play is unrehearsed and everybody is ad-libbing his lines.
Hobbes: Maybe that’s why it’s hard to tell if we’re living in a tragedy or a farce.
Calvin: We need more special effects and dance numbers.
My life needs more special effects and dance numbers for sure.
But my all-time favorite Calvin and Hobbes quote I made into a painting years ago. It now hangs on my son's wall, reminding him to live each day to its fullest.
 I many need to do a companion painting now, with my new favorite Calvin quote. More special effects and dance numbers for everyone!
What's your favorite quote this summer?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Reading

Looking for a good beach book?

CapeWomenOnline recommends THE BEST WORST YEAR, by Candace Hammond. It's currently available on Amazon for your Kindle for $3.99. The back-of-book blurb reads:

When we meet journalist Cassie Keaton, it’s the off-season on Cape Cod, when life is supposed to be quiet. But as “The Best Worst Year” begins, Cassie is attempting to not-so-gracefully navigate the gauntlet of losing her job, dealing with her newly remarried ex-husband, coping with bad boyfriends and waking up to a desolately empty nest as her children venture off into the world. Out of the wreckage of her life, Cassie learns to salvage meaning from every struggle. She discovers that, sometimes, our worst moments are just a prelude to our best.

Candace wrote and article about writing this book for the Summer Issue of CWO - read it online now at

What books are in your beach bag this summer?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Two fishing tales from Provincetown

I know that this is Carnival week down in Provincetown, but Cape Women know that there's more to P-town than parties and drag queens (although they're fun, too.)

Like many Cape Cod towns, Provincetown is a fishing village. Over the years, it has also become an important art colony, and a haven for writers and playwrights of all persuasions.

But it's roots are in the ocean.

In the Summer issue of CWO, we feature two book reviews of new books about Ptown's fishing history, reviewed by Yvonne deSousa.

Seraphine, by Julianne Papetsas, is a fictional story of a Portuguese fisherman born on a crossing of the Atlantic, who lives by, works on, and raises his family with the sea. The protagonist spends his entire life on the tiny spit of land that separates the harbor and Cape Cod Bay from the ocean.

Nautical Twilight, by J. J. Dutra, is the non-fiction story of her own fishing family.

Read the reviews here:

And remember that there's more to P-town than carnival parades and drag-queen karaoke. Although, we'll be looking for you along the parade route tomorrow afternoon ;-)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Poetry in CWO

We love poetry.

In each issue of CapeWomenOnline magazine, we try to bring you poetry for the season. Our Web Princess tries to put together interesting visuals with the poems - or sometimes, the poet will send us images to go with their words and we work with both to create a beautiful page.

Diane McDonough sent the photo of the blue heron to accompany her poem "Near the Sandwich Boardwalk," as the poem itself tells the story of trying to capture the elusive bird on film.

Mimi Haig sent the image that is the backdrop for her poem, "Blessed Mermaid of the Dark Sea."

Saltwind Poet Jadene Felina Stevens didn't send a photo to accompany her poem, but I have lillies in my own garden and love to try to capture the essence of flowers in photos, like the photo above (which isn't a lilly, but still lovely.)

Have you read these poems yet? If not - check them out here:

Do you have a poem you'd like to submit to the magazine? Send it in - we're always looking for fresh voices!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Have you read our Letter to the Editor?

With each issue, we receive more and more letters, Facebook posts and email, praising the magazine in general as well as individual writers and articles.

We post as many as will fit onto our LETTERS page.

Here's an example from the most recent issue:

Dear CWO,
It warms my heart to see your online success, for the last 5 years you are connecting women with ideas, information, articles and classes in the community. You are a strong part of creating community on the Cape.
I had written articles for your magazine when it was made of paper (can you imagine!) and now to be able to contribute an article online feels like such a beautiful technological leap! Thank you for all you do!!
oxo Diane Kovanda

Thank you, Diane! And if you feel the way she does, let us know. We'll publish your letter and a link to your website, too.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Are You Going to the Mermaid's Ball?

Do you have your ticket yet?

The Mermaid's Ball is the signature fundraiser for the National Marine Life Center (NMLC) of Bourne. There's a wonderful article by Devon Ellington all about NMLC and this upcoming event in the current Summer issue of CapeWomenOnline magazine.

The event takes place August 25th from 6-10:30 p.m. at the Willowbend Country Club in Mashpee. Tickets are $125 and limited - so if you're going, order tickets SOON online by visiting the website here.

And get ready for an undersea extravaganza that's simply out of this world!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Great Summer Exhibits at the Harwich Historical Society

Have you been over to the Brooks Academy Museum this summer?

It's home to both the Harwich Farmers' Market every Thursday afternoon and the Harwich Historical Society, which has some great exhibits this summer - including one celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouting in America.

The Historical Society's exhibit focuses on the history of Girl Scouts in Harwich, and Gail Nickerson wrote a great article about the Girl Scout exhibit for the Summer issue of CapeWomenOnline.

The museum is open from 1-4 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and late on Thursdays during the Harwich Farmers' Markets to add a double-shot of community goodness to your summer!

Check them both out this week! Support your local farmers and celebrate your local Scouts!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Final Week of the Citizen's Bank Summer Concert Series!

This is the final week of concerts in the Citizen's Bank Summer Series - have you checked them out yet this summer?

Read the whole story in the Summer issue of CapeWomenOnline to see who's playing where this week. I know we're headed to Chatham for Tripping Lilly on Wednesday!