Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Poetry in CWO

We love poetry.

In each issue of CapeWomenOnline magazine, we try to bring you poetry for the season. Our Web Princess tries to put together interesting visuals with the poems - or sometimes, the poet will send us images to go with their words and we work with both to create a beautiful page.

Diane McDonough sent the photo of the blue heron to accompany her poem "Near the Sandwich Boardwalk," as the poem itself tells the story of trying to capture the elusive bird on film.

Mimi Haig sent the image that is the backdrop for her poem, "Blessed Mermaid of the Dark Sea."

Saltwind Poet Jadene Felina Stevens didn't send a photo to accompany her poem, but I have lillies in my own garden and love to try to capture the essence of flowers in photos, like the photo above (which isn't a lilly, but still lovely.)

Have you read these poems yet? If not - check them out here:



Do you have a poem you'd like to submit to the magazine? Send it in - we're always looking for fresh voices!

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