Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Poetry

April is National Poetry Month. And April is almost at a close.

But never fear, not only does the Spring Issue of CWO have some wonderful poems included, it also has a featured article in the Literary Women section by Kim Baker, sharing her journey to becoming a published poet.

In honor of the last 2 days of April, here's one of the poems from the current issue:

Cape Cod Spring Lament

by Annie Krohe

Yea, it is spring. At least it felt that way a week or so ago. The sun was
out, I swear. I saw it more than once. It's been grey, wet, soggy, damp
and dank. When I go out, I wear rain gear and muck boots. Water is
everywhere. The temperature is on the cool side. Flowers stand still in
the ground. And, if you were anxious and planted tomatoes, well…

They're doing nothing but standing still.

I have a good friend who says, "Ah, this is the perfect weather. I could
live with this all summer." I feel like punching him, but don't. I quickly
remind him that if we lived off the land, we would starve to death. I just
want the sun to shine enough so the veggies and flowers grow. It was a
long winter and it feels so unfair. But wait!

Looking up, I glance through the window.

There's the sun.

I saw it.

I swear it.

I really did.

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