Thursday, September 13, 2012

Have you seen the Fall issue of CapeWomenOnline?

If your summer was crazy (whose wasn't?), you're probably ready to slow down, simmer cinnamon on the stove, (try saying THAT fast!) and bring your focus inward. We hope you take a few minutes to check out the fabulous stories Cape Women have shared in this new issue. We are delighted to announce that we have launched two new columns, by Maggie French and Katie O'Sullivan, designed to educate and inspire you. Keep reading...  

Life Coach Maggie French debuts her new column, Living Whole, with a discussion on finding balance in life, and a response to a reader's query about how to make time for ME. 
Our Literary Women section has some very useful advice for writers; Katie O'Sullivan shares her editorial wisdom in her new column, The Write Way, and Nicole Bouchard discusses how to develop your writing career in Part Two of The Ripple Effect

If you're not ready to head indoors just yet, why not join your neighbors at one of the many Fall Festivals, or read Jackie O'Hara's article about why she created an outdoor Zen Garden.
Our Living the Dream story features Tracey Crowell, who is Embracing the Magic of the Masjah Studio while also working with Sarah Ciampa to create the Masjah Center.  

Treat yourself to the subtle humor of Katharine Dalton, who introduces us to the wonderful women of the Chatham Council on Aging
 Check out the new titles by local authors on our CWO Bookshelf. 
It's no secret that this magazine is a community effort - with every issue we are reminded of just how creative and supportive our contributors are. So we'd like to thank YOU, for all your hard work, and let you know that we truly appreciate you! We also appreciate our advertisers, and everyone who takes a minute to forward this link on to friends who may not know about our magazine. By spreading the word you share the wealth of community and inspiration that IS CapeWomenOnline magazine. 

If you would like to submit articles, artwork or photographs, please follow this link to our Submission Guidelines.  
We hope you enjoy the new issue of CapeWomenOnline.
Have a very festive Fall. 

Nicola Burnell, Publisher
Katie O'Sullivan, Editor
Jane Schaller, Web Princess 

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