Saturday, August 13, 2011

Go Whale Watching with the Provincetwon Center for Coastal Studies!

The women of PCCS, photo courtesy of PCCS

In the Summer 2011 Issue of CWO, Karin Delaney tells us about the wonderful women of PCCS - the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies - currently celebrating their 35th summer of environmental awareness and action.

Karin writes about the scientists who had the original vision to open a Center for Coastal Studies at the very tip of Massachusetts and make a go of it. Their vision has endured and grown, with PCCS becoming one of the leaders in coastal research in the world. And they're right here on Cape Cod!

She writes:
This mighty little marine science institute, situated at the tip of Cape Cod, was founded in 1976 by three young PhD scientists. Although they had very limited financial resources, they possessed unbounded curiosity and an unwavering commitment to researching the local marine and coastal environment and educating the public about their findings.

Marine biologist Dr. Charles "Stormy" Mayo's field of interest was studying the colonies of microscopic phytoplankton which provide the major food source for large marine mammals. Stormy's wife, the late Dr. Barbara Mayo, also a marine biologist, had a research passion of her own: studying the benthic zone, commonly known as the ocean floor. Coastal geologist, Dr. Graham Giese, rounded out the trio's complimentary talent pool with his interest in studying the dynamic interactions in the intertidal zone, where the ocean waves meet the shoreline.

To read more of Karin's article, click here.

As part of the year long celebration, PCCS is offering special whale watch cruises, leaving from MacMillan Wharf and including special food and beverages. Marine scientists from PCCS will be on hand to chat with you about the whales, the mission of PCCS, their current projects, and anything else you may want to ask...

There's one cruise left on the calendar of events, coming up on Friday, August 26th. Check out the full calendar of events at CWO by clicking here, or go directly to the PCCS website at

One more reason that Cape Cod is a very special place!

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